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I want it all!  The Royal Treasure box is a combination of our Poetic and Weekend Treasures Boxes—perfect for when you want a taste of everything!


Fifteen popular chocolates, caramels, and truffles — a top seller!


This bright pumpkin will put a smile on any child face made with our special Organic European Chocolate. Weight is 35 gram


Pumpkin Lollipops made out of solid Organic Dark European Chocolate. Wrapped in bright orange foil wrapper. Weight at .24 grams


Every one needs a witch in their tacky or treat basket. This witch is made from our Organic European Dark Chocolate and the packaging was design and created in house.


Frankenstein Pack contains different halloween shapes coins to delight any child. Made with our famous Organic European Chocolate. The sweet packaging was design and made in house which adds that special touch for a gift!


Divine Treasures version of Cherry Cordial.


Our vanilla caramel with Himalayan Sea Salt in a bite size.


Are looking for a small gift? This 8 piece box is the perfect year-round answer.   You'll be so glad you tried them that you’ll be looking for more.


One of our first creation and still is one of our top sellers! Coconut base, truffle center and topped with our signature melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. The pictures say it all – delicious!


An exotic blend of mango, pineapple, coconut, and chocolate with a burst of spiciness.


A smooth, dark ganache truffle.


A divine combination of amaretto and chocolate.


A delightful chocolate frog filled with soft caramel.


Pronounced “To Die For” and featuring dark chocolate gooey caramel, the name says it all!


The taste of apple pie in a bite-sized chocolate!  Infused with apples, essential oil of cinnamon and apple pie spice this is a new spin on a favorite American dessert!


Chocolate infused with pure essential oil of lavender and topped with a dried blueberry.


Nothing extra in this caramel — just love


Roasted Pecan and Caramel — a vegan spin of the turtle


Four delicious chocolates to tease the palate.


Nineteen heavenly chocolates featuring our decadent vegan caramel.


A selection of six Perfect Duo chocolates made of creamy peanut butter and gooey caramel.


Designed to provide just the right touch of elegance to a special occasion or a weekend getaway. Our Weekend Treasures gift box will delight your taste buds with the perfect truffles including the Buddha Blessing and Prince of India.  


Six of the most popular animal shaped chocolates

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