Surprising Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty for Indulging in Dark Chocolate

11 Jul, 2017 Chocolate

It is that time of year again when a lot of people are thinking about their bodies. One treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about is dark chocolate! Yes, that’s right chocolate!!!

What exactly is dark chocolate?

The standards for dark chocolate varies quite a bit from country to country. A basic definition is dark chocolate is chocolate without milk solids added. This gives it a stronger cocoa taste. Many dark chocolates will list a percentage of cocoa solids that are in the bar.

It has lots of nutrients!

Dark chocolate contains fiber, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. The fatty acids are mostly saturated and monounsaturated which are the “healthy” fats.

Dark chocolate also contains theobromine. Theobromine is a blood vessel widener, a diuretic, and heart stimulant. Since theobromine is a diuretic and a blood vessel widener it can help lower your blood pressure! Theobromine is related to caffeine, but it is a milder, safer stimulant.

It is a great source of antioxidants!

Dark chocolate is loaded with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as antioxidants. These include polyphenols, flavanols, and catechins. A study has shown that cocoa and dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than other fruits they tested which included blueberries and acai berries!

Dark Chocolate can help lower your cholesterol.

In a trial, dark chocolate was found to drastically decrease LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, and increase HDL, which is the good cholesterol.This is great news for the 102 million Americans that suffer from high cholesterol!

It can help protect your skin from the sun!

If you’re planning on going on a beach vacation consider loading up on Divine Treasures dark chocolate in the prior weeks. A study has shown that consuming dark cholocate more than doubles the minimal amount of UVB rays required to cause redness in the skin. The flavonols in dark chocolate can also increase blood flow to the skin, increase skin density, and skin hydration. Who doesn’t want to have beautiful skin?!

Dark chocolate is just as good as puckering up!

When you melt dark chocolate in your mouth it raises brain activity and your heart rate more intensely than a passionate kiss and it also lasts four times longer! So whether you’re upset with your partner or living up the single life- our dark chocolate will be there for you!