For some of us, it's all about the Caramel ...

It is a challenge to find truly excellent Caramel, and especially to find wonderful Caramel flavor created without Dairy Milk of any kind. Yet, here at Divine Treasures, our Chef Diane Wagemann creates amazing Caramels, with that rich, creamy texture and that indescribable burst of comforting flavor -- all without a drop of Dairy Milk and completely Gluten Free. As any lactose intolerant individual or practicing Vegan can attest, truly a Divine Treasure!

All of our Caramels start with select Cashews and Almonds, which we soak and grind right here at the factory; a process taking several days.  This creates our own specialized nut milk.  Next, we blend the nut milk with organic brown rice syrup, lemon juice, organic evaporated cane sugar, Non-Soy Earth Balance Butter* and fine (gluten free) Madagascar Vanilla.  The result is a Dairy Free, Vegan Safe, Gluten Free Caramel unique to Divine Treasures.

As you can see from our picture, this caramel has the same consistency as traditional caramel, and when you buy your own assortment, you will discover that the flavor is just as rich, smooth, soothing and yet energizing as a dairy based caramel.

Our Chef combines this magical caramel with Chili Powder, Whole Nuts, Sea Salt Crystals and other Spices and Essential Oils to make a wide array of both exotic and familiar chocolate treats, such as our Big Boy (pictured left).  At 3 inches in diameter, with a generous shell of thick dark organic chocolate, the Big Boy is a truly awesome experience.

Divine Treasures' Caramels: from Vanilla to Sea Salted to Hot and Smoky -- There is certain to be one that is your new favorite flavor!

*Earth Balance Non-Soy Non-Dairy Butter ingredients: Natural Oil Blend [Palm fruit, canola, safflower, flax and olive], water, contains less than 2% of sea salt, natural flavors, pea protein, sunflower lecithin, lactic acid [non-dairy] and naturally extracted annatto for color