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Trick or Treat - Take the Treat for this wonderful Halloween Gift Box that has 6 of our most famous treats to please the young at heart with our Mouse filled with Organic Peanut Butter or the famous Bonne Shanse Minou that is filled with a Gluten-Free Brownie Dough. A box for all to enjoy.


Pumpkin Lollipops made out of solid Organic Dark European Chocolate. Wrapped in bright orange foil wrapper. Weight at .24 grams


Every one needs a witch in their tacky or treat basket. This witch is made from our Organic European Dark Chocolate and the packaging was design and created in house.


This bright pumpkin will put a smile on any child face made with our special Organic European Chocolate. Weight is 35 gram


Frankenstein Pack contains different halloween shapes coins to delight any child. Made with our famous Organic European Chocolate. The sweet packaging was design and made in house which adds that special touch for a gift!


This beautiful 3D ghost is a solid Organic European Chocolate that melts in your mouth.   It stands 4.75" and weights 186 grams.


Classic Dark Chocolate neatly studded with Organic Nonpareils. A fan favorites with children of all ages.


Solid Dark Chocolate disks. As always, Vegan, Gluten Free and simply Divine.


1.2 oz of Melt-in-your-mouth Organic European Chocolate


Solid Organic European Dark Chocolate Bar with a lovely presentation and sweet details. 3oz


One of our first creation and still is one of our top sellers! Coconut base, truffle center and topped with our signature melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. The pictures say it all – delicious!


Topped seller with our in store customer – butterscotch & walnuts


Our spin on the Almond Joy


Great Gift for all those cat lovers.


Divine Treasures version of Cherry Cordial.


Rich chocolate blended with spiced rum.


A rich and smooth truffle infused with garam masala spices.


A pyramid-shaped truffle with the essence of orange, cardamon, and delicious pistachios.


An exotic blend of mango, pineapple, coconut, and chocolate with a burst of spiciness.


Smooth, dark ganache blended with ginger and cayenne pepper.


A smooth, dark ganache truffle.


A divine combination of amaretto and chocolate.


A solid chocolate dolphin swimming on top of the Perfect Duo.


A solid chocolate elephant on top of a crispy Mello Bar.


An adorable hedgehog filled with coconut cream with almonds.


Our Vegan Annie featuring smooth caramel and pecans, topped with a solid chocolate turtle.


A sweet little mouse filled with organic peanut butter.


A little hen filled with smooth and creamy almond butter.


A delightful chocolate frog filled with soft caramel.


An adorable 3D kitty with a gooey brownie batter center.

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