Welcome to Divine Treasures ~ Makers of vegan & gluten free European chocolates!

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Our decadent Organic European chocolate is vegan, gluten free and tastes like no other!

My passion for chocolate began when I was young. Sundays was the day that I would go to my Memere’s – grandmother’s, house in Quebec to make all the wonderful chocolate treats for the church. Just imagine a little girl with unlimited chocolates! I was sure that Memere’s house was heaven on earth. Chocolate and Love – what more does any little girl need?

Divine Treasures invites you to join me in my love of chocolates – in the European tradition made with only the finest organic, socially responsible European chocolate and locally sourced ingredients.

Our marvelous solid dark chocolate products are finally on the web! Click here to buy.

Now our Organic European Dark Chocolate Disks and Nonpareils are available online! Click here to buy.